ACES History Portal

College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES)

To help celebrate the national Centennial of the Cooperative Extension System, ACES looks back to the birth of the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service. Browse through these historical photos and publications, documenting the Extension people, programs and achievements that have help shaped New Mexico.


Birth of Extension

Celebrate over 100 years of extending knowledge and changing lives


Department Heads

Look at past Department Heads from 1890 to the current day!


Sam Steel

Learn about the legacy and story of Sam Steel


ACES Heroes

Learn about our College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) heroes who made great contributions to the state of New Mexico, its agriculture, and New Mexico Cooperative Extension. 


Extension Agent Stories

Visit The Writings of Orren Beaty, New Mexico Cooperative Extension agent from 1916-1934, chronicled changes in agricultural practices in his journals.


Extension News

Archives of the Cooperative Extension Service's Extension News (also known as the College Courier and the New Mexico Farm Courier)


Historical Publications

This collection consists of thousands of documents including Circulars, Guides, Handbooks, Annual Data Reports, Research Reports and Bulletins, Technical Reports and Task Force Reports that were written from 1889 to present.